Friday, March 13, 2009

just another thursday night...

magi=wingman=roommate you get the picture...
anyway magi and i were kicking it like any other thursday since she moved in last month, which means when we got home from work, she made dinner and we drank a bottle of wine, red cause we don't mess around. she made "healthy" mac & cheese. i'm not sure what the recipe is, but i know it calls for squash. either way it was awesome, but before we ate she warned that "it's not going to be as cheesy as you're use to in a mac & cheese". whatever it kicked ass! while we ate we watched episode 1 of californication, magi hasn't seen any of the series yet.

i had a hankering for billards after dinner so we walked the three blocks to closest table, which just so happens to be the bowling alley on pico. so we waddle on down, order our beers from ron the best bartender a girl could hope for. while we are playing out second and final game we notice that people are watching the college basketball game on tv. it was unconn and syracuse. well i don't have to tell you now how kick ass that game was, 5 overtimes. which apparently wasn't a record, 6 overtimes is. magi, who hates all sports, actually got into a bit. i told her, you really don't ahve to pay attention until :30 left in the game...and funny enough that happened a couple times to us! i give the people at madison square garden credit, the house looked packed the entire time. i think it was 1am by the time that game finished. anyway we met a couple of dudes at the bar, it was a good time. but i'm worried that i don't remember the walk home, or what i did when i got back to the apt, or how i got into bed, but i remember flossing my teeth. my gums are killing me today. lesson: don't floss when you're drunk

have a great friday kids, keep it safe.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raining on my Commute

I'm happy to report there's rain in LA today! Oh glorious day! I love it! It reminds me of the east coast, AND it makes it so much easier to go to work. Sure, I'd rather be on my plush green couch right now taking in the latest episode of Eastbound and Down, but I'm at work, and today it's ok. I'd much rather spend the day at my desk when it's gloomy. Cause usually in SoCal you are forced to work when it's 75 and sunny. Remember in school, when the weather started getting nice and you knew if you could hold out a little longer summer would be here! Well, it's like that everyday, but with no summer vacay! Today the suffering is eased!

Maybe I'll grab my umbrella, that I've only used twice in three years, and go for a walk at lunch today!!!!

Here's a shot from my commute...not that you don't know what rain looks like

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

Dear Ben,

I really hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Best Wishes,