Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The night before, the night before Christmas

I'm in a standard commericalized Pittsburgh bar, but one that is only commericalized in the Pittsburgh area and South Florida. Drinkimng watching the Pens and seeing friends that are usually labeled for the "summer".

It was a good time! And raining when me and brother left. The brick road my parents live on was quite a treat to walk on when we got home. A memory that I will surely cherish, and one that I hope miller lite allows me to keep!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cusp of Vacation

what a horrible few weeks i've had. really, really bad. things are looking up though, i ran away from la and escaped to tahoe this past weekend. thanks to magi for being an awesome friend/wingman and coming with me. i would have freaked out if i had to stay in la and rot. salvation came from making the 7-9 hour drive to tahoe from la to see an old friend from pittsburgh, devore.

now, i'm just getting through work for one more day and then heading east on a big metal bird to be with my family in pittsburgh for turkey day! with all the havoc life has been lately, these short breaks from work/la/rat race/life couldn't have come at a better time! and i'm truly grateful, or is it thankful! :)

i know people can't wait to have time off, but i feel like i really, really can't wait! and i can't wait to people watch/get drunk at LAX tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i want one

how bad ass are these? some company in chile is making them. here's the link.
full motion in your sleeping bag, now that's luxury!
this rodrigo alonso schramm is a pretty cool designer!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something horrible happened last night...

My boss and good friend Matthew passed away last night. It was a long battle which ended with him spending 10 days in the hospital, before he let go last night just before midnight. I'm consider myself lucky to have visit him on Wednesday after work. This blog post or any amount of words will do him justice, but since I have spent this whole day alone I felt I needed an outlet.

I knew the end was near, but yet was still taken back by the text message that delivered the news when I checked my phone. I spoke with a coworker soon after and towards the end of the call said, "what am I suppose to do?". And all day I've been trying to figure that out. My mind hasn't been filled with just a montage of thoughts like this in awhile. And nothing can distract it.

I'm going to miss him so much, as we all will! But I'm glad his pain is gone.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Here I am

I'm sitting in the office of one of my company's VPs waiting for my 11am meeting to start.

He continues to take phone calls and have long conversations while I'm sitting here. And mouthing to me "sorry". Thank god I brought my blackberry in and for the Snake talking to me on text messages.

Now he's slamming his assistant and the economy. Waste of time...
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Friday, October 31, 2008

who does that?

for valentine's day 2008 i bought my man friend a beta fighting fish and a tank, both were red. we named the fish, andrew. i wasn't optimistic about this fish living too long, he was studying for the california bar exam, and overall is sort of into himself. but he did it, he took care of it for eight long months. at the end of august he moved the tank to the kitchen, i got a lot less face time with andrew after that. i mean my time spent in the bedroom is way greater than my time in the kitchen.

we went to whole foods on monday to grab some dinner so that we could get home to his projection screen to watch the monday night football game in comfort and style. we got everything out of the boxes and on plates and settled. and it occured to me. i didn't see the red tank in the kitchen. so over my spinach lasagna i ask, where's andrew?

apparently, a couple weeks ago he was cleaning out the tank and let andrew swim down the drain! i was mortified! then instead of telling me, because he felt so bad and ashamed. he packed up the red tank in a brown shopping bag, went into a fish/pet store and left the tank in the store and left! i have no idea what to make of any of this! who does that?!!?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nike "Leave Nothing"

i'm not sure when this commerical started running, but i do know when it touched my life. i saw it in just about every commercial break during the steeler/bengals game this sunday, and simply fell in love. it's super cute for a football commercial!

i <3 troy polamalu so much!

i'm sorry he suffered a concussion during the game, but i'm pretty sure he's practicing this week. we're against the giants this sunday, 4:15pm EST, and we're going to need him.

maybe he just needs to watch his nike commerical to become inspired...

what people are looking for...

i'm proud to say, that since my last political post. i've been getting mad hits through the search engine sites. apparently, there happen to be quite a lot of people asking that same question i did, "how do i know if i'm registered to vote?" i've got 100+ hits since then, from people looking for answers to that question.

i couldn't be more proud that i have enabled at least 100 people to get out there and vote this november 4th. it's going to be a big one for us peoples of america, and i know that is said every four years, but this time, i think it's pretty true.

i don't care who you vote for, just go out and vote!

don't be lame, don't let us turn into this...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my printer at work

dudes, sorry that previous post turned out to be lame. i need to take the time and upload that thing proper. it was taking to long, and i needed to use my computer. so sorry!

things have been so hectic the last two weeks here at work. i don't think i want to get too much into, but imagine worst case scenario and that's pretty much me. oh, and yesterday i wanted to throw my 10+year old printer out the 17th floor window. maybe i'll just do like boys in 'office space' and get hip hop on it!

or maybe like the guys from family guy:
this one doesn't have sound for some reason,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

here's my drive to work

for any of you who don't know about commuting here in lovely la, this video is for you! this is my morning commute. i decided to record it today becausei it was so gorgeous out. keep in mind that my commute is only 6 miles. happy looking!
*this wasn't posted to stress you out, but to educate you :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

UPDATE: peeping toms suck

this story ends on a happy note...my friend, rainbow, with the peeping tom problem has found an apartment. she's moving to the beach, where she's always wanted to be. she gives up her dog to her ex-husband though, there are not dogs allowed in this new apartment building. but she's happy and this is where she wants to be. move in is on monday, and she's about a 10-15 minute walk from my apartment. so i have a new neighbor as well! yay carpooling!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Craft Fair

i'm psyched to have stumbled upon "felt club". it's a craft fair that is going down on november 16th, here's a link. and quite possibily the best part of this indie craft fair is that my favorite gem is going to be there performing, LESLIE HALL! she "loves to dance in her gold pants", seriously! i may have to finally pony up and buy a pair of gold pants from american apparel.

anyway, what i'm saying is, if you're in the la area come to the fair you'll enjoy it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

how do i know if i'm registered to vote?

seriously people! if you had to ask that question, you should do about 2 seconds of research on the web to find the answer, like i had to do. in the past year i registered three times, 1. when i got my cali state drivers license 2. when i was at coachella 3. when i was at the jack johnson concert. but i haven't received anything to my address in terms of voting materials so i was getting a bit worried and did some detective work today. HERE'S THE LINK. you have to scroll a little bit down the page, and you type in your zip code. from there you'll find out what county office number you should call.

if you know that you need to register to vote, you can do so HERE or HERE. and it's really, really, REALLY important that you do so. like, okay guys!? just do it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i made this

i finished it last night after the steelers won in overtime versus the ravens. the game was too much of a nail-biter for me to actually sit down and knit during the game. this little gem is being called the 'kitty hat'. it was made for the 4 year old daughter of a friend, who is right now, obsessed with animals. (the 4 year old, also named the hat, cute right?) i made a larger version of the umbilical cord baby hat from 'stitch 'n' bitch', minus the umbilical cord, of course. and then i took the ears from an adult hat also featured in the book.

it was a quick knit, i hope baby girl enjoys it!

Monday, September 29, 2008

peeping toms suck

my homegirl rainbow (yes, her parents were hippies) is dealing with a peeping tom, ya'll!!! in case you don't know, here's the wiki search for "peeping tom". the first link that comes up is the story of lady godiva which the term 'peeping tom' stems from. lady godiva became legend when she "rode naked through the streets of Coventry in England in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants." and in later versions of this story, some dude named "tom" was struck blind or dead when he watched her ride. this story has so many holes in it! but i guess it's fun to think some rich lady was giving her husband the ol'fuck you, and some dude was struck dead when he saw the act. i wish rainbow's little peeping tom would be struck blind or dead, that way, he wouldn't come back every other night.

i guess rainbow's story starts about a month ago. she was in her west hollywood (WeHo) bungalow watching tv one night on her couch and playing facebook poker on her ibook when her neighbor called and told her to go into the kitchen, so she got up and went to the kitchen. then the neighbor said, 'go to your bed room' so she went to her bed room. then the neighbor said, stay there, i'm calling the police. turns out, this dude was staring at rainbow on her couch and masturbating in her window, then when the neighbor directed her to move around the apartment the sicko followed her from window to window. by the time the WeHo cops got there, he was gone. the next day, the cops came to check out the apartment. they said that because of the way the bushes, flowers, and footprints in the dirt were, this was not the tom's first time watching her.

since then tom has been spotted by neighbors once or twice a week. rainbow has a friendly 11 year old roitweiller that lives with her part time (and her ex-husband the other part of the time). last week when rainbow was taking the pup for a walk, with her mace, cellphone, etc., she caught the son-of-a-bitch at the livingroom window pulling at himself. of course she pulls out her phone and dials 9-1-1, while grabbing her dog's collar, and screaming at him 'get the fuck out of here!' and all sorts of other choice phrases. the cops showed up 12 minutes later, and tom was of course already gone. this was the first time they had come face to face, so to speak.

last monday, her and i went to a concert (the raconteurs, which was amazing) and i walk her to her house and i walk with her as she walks her dog. the whole time i'm on complete high alert, thank god i'm wearing some running shoes cause if i have to i'm gonna chase this dude down. i know the bigger question is, what am i going to do if i catch him? who knows? but i had 2 beers, so the courage was there. thursday night, i also hung out with rainbow, but this time she talked me into sleeping over. and when i stay at her place, i sleep on the living room couch. the very place of the first incident! yikes! good thing i was good and drunk on many, many free stellas from the event we were at that night. but still, it was a little un-nerving. this time, i didn't think i'd chase anyone down, but what i would throw at the dude if he attempted to come into her home.

in conclusion, all of those who love and care for rainbow have convinced her, not that it was hard, to move out of that place asap. as of last tuesday, she's been 110% looking for a new place to live. i hope she finds one soon. apparently, this past saturday night, rainbow was packing in her apartment and the tom showed up again. this time though, he was banging on the window and YELLING at her in gibberish! it's like since that confrontation with her and him, when she caught him at her window, it's like that 3rd wall is down, and now he's interacting back with her. which i think is a super scary thought.

we need to get her out of west hollywood, asap, and into a cute beach apartment, like mine! i'll keep you posted on this...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

NPR: This American Life

Please tell me you have heard of "This American Life". It's a radio show that is produced by NPR Chicago, and hosted by Ira Glass. You can subscribe to it through your iTunes, and I suggest you do. Each week there's a new episode that revolves around a simple subject, like "break ups", "something for nothing", "the super", or "prom" for example. (the "prom" one was actually pretty moving.)

i know showtime has started airing episodes, which feels weird to me. the radio version of the show is so much better! trust me! download one on your ipod, listen to it on your way to work, and enjoy! episodes average abotu 45 minutes and are usually broken down into 2 or 3 stories under the same subject. you will be hooked, moved, or will learn something.

let me know what you think...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From the Local 7

What up! I'm blogging from the "Big Blue Bus" local 7! Big Blue is what the call the busses of Santa Monica. They are pretty nice, and I'm not just saying that because they are blue. Initially, I got on the rapid 7, which is dark blue, and wouldve made me miss my stop because its a limited stop bus. The driver told me to hop off and grab the light blue 7, that will make my stop.

I miss public transportation! LA is trying to get better at it, but most of these busses don't run all night long. In NYC you never had to wait for a late night subway to come through more than 30 or 40, I think. But with these busses in LA Magi and I waited over an hour for one to pick us up. Luckily though, we had bikes with us and biked the majority of the way back to mar vista and santa monica from hollywood (true story!).

Well, I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy my commute! Just wanted to say "good morning"!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Steelers 2-0

YES! I love when the Steelers devore teams from Ohio. And now Ben is like 10-0 against Ohio teams, and I love that too. (As you can see from the above picture of me flicking off a girl in a Browns jersey. She deserved it, she was 1 of 2 Browns fans at the bar last night.)

We took Brother to the Shark's Cove in Hermosa Beach, just a quick 12 miles south of Santa Monica. Since moving to LA, every Steeler fan I've ever come across has told me to go watch a game at this bar. I'm glad I finally listened. There were about 50 tvs in various sizes, and all of them were tuned into the game. The only down side is that there was only one toilet in the ladies room. Boo! I can't be waiting in line while the Steelers are punching the Browns in the face, I mean c'mon!

I wish I felt like typing more, but I'm assuming that if you're reading my blog, then you probably watched the game. You know about how the wind was a factor and that Big Ben played with a separated shoulder. He's a god, he feels no pain!

Up for next week: Away against the Eagles, 1:15pm PST

Friday, September 12, 2008

what's worse?

my friend julie roo's the day when she sees rain, and she currently resides in the outskirts of pittsburgh, pa where puddles are rarely out of style. apparently today, it's raining quite a bit in the 'burgh. you can read all about it on her site, here.

although i didn't need julie's blog to tell me that it was raining in pittsburgh
today. on my daily commute into work, i'm often found on the phone with one or both of my parents, where at least 20 minutes of the conversation is about the weather. and since i live in los angeles, i rarely dominate that portion of the phone call. the most i say is "it's 75 right now", remember this conversation is taking place at 8:45am. so, as you can imagine today, both parents had A LOT to talk about. my mother kept saying "it's raining cats and dogs" and my dad said it was because of some hurricane. this is how out of touch i am with the rest of the country, i responded, "what hurricane?" well, you can bet that as soon as i got to work, he had me turn on cnn, and very quickly both my father and i were watching the coverage from opposite ends of the country discussing the red jackets the reporters were wearing to the plastic bags that were covering their hand held microphones, we even made our guesses as to when hurricane ike was going to hit. (i said it's slowing down, and will hit tomorrow morning. he said late this evening.) and please keep in mind that my only brother, his only son, is flying to la this evening over the very storm. although i'm sure with advances in astrophysics the pilot will just take a more northern flight pattern to get to la. (brother, if you're reading this, i'm sure you won't feel a single bump:))

but with everyone up in arms about the rain they are experiencing in pittsburgh, i have to note that today, here in los angeles that it is so dark and dreary that i would kill to see a rain drop fall. the view out of my cubicle today is just so overcast and gross, that it's like we just need a good storm here to wash away all the dirt, grime, and pollution. with the experience of living here for almost three years, i know that this *storm won't come for at least another two months. and that, my friend, is the worst part. living with this dark, dreary landscape, waiting for rain. at least in pittsburgh, it gets dark, it rains, and then it dries...(well kind of) all in the same day. here, it'll probably stay gross the whole week brother is here, and probably for the rest of september. then, maybe, in november we'll experience a "wet" season.

so, i ask, which is worse? using those cute rainboats you bought, or never getting to. :)

*a storm in la - rain falling for more than five minutes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seth Comedy

Seth MacFarlene creator of "Family Guy" and other things in our universe just launched a website today that I thought I'd share with all of you.

(I was sick of the video just starting when you came onto my blog, so I deleted it. You can just click on the hyperlink above, and it'll take you to the site. PS - you're welcome)

He's coming!

now that steeler season is in full swing, and we are looking swell after week 1. i can shift my energy elsewhere. my little brother is coming to sunny socal for a visit! he flies in direct from pittsburgh on friday night and is going to be here until the 21st! yippeee! we are going to have an awesome time!

here's the to do list:
*tailgate at the USC vs. OS game. we do not have tickets, we are just going to tailgate the shit out of that parking lot. it is my experience that those on the west coast have no idea how a proper football tailgate works. we'll show 'em!
*watch the steelers destroy the browns on their own field.
*i set brother and his girlfriend up with audience seats for the live performance show of "america's got talent". last show i sent him to was "american gladiators", and he hated* it. i had to assume him that "america's got talent" is no "gladitors".
*camping at malibu creek state park.
*turtle racing (if there's time)

that's a pretty good list right!
i can't wait to see him!

*he hated being in the audience for "gladiators" because the arena is huge and the audience sits there while they set up for one shot then another. it's like a 12 hour day for that audience. he ran away after 4 hours of sitting there, i don't blame him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I went to Jack Johnson, and all I took were these lousy pictures...

So, Magi and I have been DYING to see Jack Johnson since we moved from NYC to LA. It was one of the last concerts we tried to see in New York together before we left. He was playing in Central Park, and we thought that we'd wander on up to the gate and be granted access in. We, of course, we not allowed in without tickets. We didn't even have pieces of paper to pretend were tickets, but what we did have was a bottle of wine, blanket, and loads of snacks to nosh on while we listened to Jack on the other side of the fence. We did manage to see pieces of the show through the fence that night. We shook it off thinking that he'd tour again next summer. SYKE! He didn't tour again for 3 years! Thanks "Sleep Through The Static" for getting this dude away from the surf to come around the globe entertaining us ladies. Anyway, here are the pictures I shot. They suck. I did have my Flip video camera as well, I'll get those posted all in due time.

The show was amazing (i'll find a set list to post here) it was at the UCLA Intramural Field, which I was skeptical about, but in the end turned out to be really cool. I hope they do more stuff there. Jack's show on Sunday, August 31st was the last stop on his summer tour and he tore it up! There was a big ol'Hawaiian lady that came out and sang with him. Culver City Dub Collective and Rogue Wave were there too to open. I can't put into words how disappointed I was in seeing Rogue Wave live. I have enjoyed their myspace page from time to time while wasting away time at work, so I was looking forward to seeing them live...I guess I can be marked as a sucka now.

The last picture was the slow trickle of people leaving the show. They looked like sheep, and I said to Magi after snapping that show that, "It looks a lot cooler in real life". Did I mention we had a phenomenal time!?

See you in another three years Jack!

Friday, August 29, 2008

1/2 day: working hard, or hardly working

i'm staring at the little clock on the bottom right of my screen (yes, i'm tortured by a pc while at work) right now. at this little company i'm working at right now, it is customary that we receive a half day prior to a company holiday. and since monday is labor day, that means today is a half day, woot woot!

i'm currently doing what i can to "go through the motions". we spent the first part of the morning watching fox news and the announcement john mccain made about his new vp, sarah palin. can you believe their entrance music?! his was "right now" by van halen, and hers was the song from rudy, and i'm not kidding. i can't wait for snl to come back on the air september 13th (michael phelps is announced to host the season opener). look at that, i'm getting distracted with my distraction! truly amazing!

anyway, from there i segwayed into a eyebrow wax appointment down the street and around the corner, which when you live in la is like a 20 minute walk. i've done work for the last hour and a half, but now that we are down to just 32 minutes, all i can do is stare off into space and watch the youtube videos that my co-workers are sending my way. for some reason, i don't think i'm the only one putting on the appearance of work.

the plan for when i'm released is this. grabbing a sandwich at bay cities deli in santa monica and then going for a sweet bike ride, and then hopefully a nap! taking it easy is fun! remember that kids!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jessica Simpson is a country star now...

Thanks Go Fug Yourself! I was wondering what it was that I would blog about this morning, and after a few rewarding moments of cruising around the blogsphere I saw your post today about Jessica Simpson's country wardrobe, obviously used to mark her step into country music. link here for their full post. It is funny how she's changing her look to be more country specific, and Fug said it best "Country fans are not idiots".

I've only been half paying attention to Jessica's life since her show "Newlyweds" went off the air. What can I say, I like watching idiots. (I miss "The Simple Life" too!) But there has been a lot of talk going around about the release of her country album, it's releasing September 9th and it's called "Do you know". In the album she talks about abuse and such, but isn't saying abuse from who. Is it Nick? Her dad? Her evil little sister? Who knows? Maybe it was a can of Tuna/Chicken.

Anyway, hear for yourself here! I hope it doesn't ruin your Thursday! But the last track does have Dolly Parton, and everyone loves some Dolly!

favorite track: #11 do you know - featuring dolly parton

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"whatever, go steelers"

i just saw my friend chris on gchat for the first time, in EVER.
i thought it was a pretty awesome (and quick) conversation.
have a laugh. slurb!

me: Hi Chris!
I never see you on gchat!

Chris: wdup girl
i think i'm always on

me: just working
Well, maybe we are now "friedns"
whatever, go steelers!

Chris: whatever go steelers

me: I'm heading out to grab some lunch

Chris: i was just doing my fantasy updates

me: good boy
mine where updated this morning
anyway, i'll talk to you later!

Chris: okay eat some food

****the best part was that his "whatever, go steelers" popped up instantly after i sent mine.

gosh, another chapter!

so, it's been a sad week. my roommate left, she moved back to Texas, of all places! it was quite a sad departure, but i'm one who is use to watching people leave town being that i live in los angeles. probably the worst transiant city ever. if you move here and actually stay for more than five years, i'd say you are a miniscule portion of the population. or maybe it's just me. everyone i meet here leaves. m and i counted as we watched my newly old roommate drive off down the street; we have seen at least 8 people move out of la since we moved here, almost three years now. wtf.

anyway it's super sad, especially, ESPECIALLY because i HATE good-byes. i am the worst at it, and it has not gotten better with age. i hate seeing people leave my life, or me leave theirs. anyway, i'm going to miss her. and we'll remain, i'm sure, they way we always been...friends.

no time to be sad though, new roommate moved in last night. so, it's time to bring in the new. a "changing of the guard" as an attentive neighbor put it last night. indeed, changing of the guard. let's see how it goes...stay tuned kids!

*not my picture, i'm borrowing it from flickr.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Fans = Steelers Fans

I love that the Steeler nation is everywhere, even China!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dave Matthews Band at Staples Center - Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saw DMB last night at Staples here in LA.
After the first song was played, Dave made an announcement that Leroi (the saxaphonist) passed away. (See previous post)

The show was a little hard to watch. During the next song, the jumbo screens showed tears rolling down Carter's face. And throughout the entire set Stefan looked really somber, everytime I caught a good glimpse at it I had tears weld up.

So, I'm thankful that I saw the whole band play together last year on the last stop of their tour at the Hollywood Bowl and I'm thankful that even though they are dealing with a great lost they still came on stage last night. During the show, the Boy checked his iPhone and Leroi passed away less than an hour before they went on stage, I was happy to see that they still came out, but was extremely sad for their lost.

Here is the set list from the band's website:

Dave Matthews Band
Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA

Bartender *
Proudest Monkey *
Satellite *
So Damn Lucky *
Eh Hee *
Water Into Wine *
Burning Down The House *
Dancing Nancies *
Loving Wings *
The Maker *
Sledgehammer *
Grey Street *
Dreaming Tree *
Crash Into Me *
Anyone Seen The Bridge *
Too Much Intro *
Ants Marching *

Sister +
Corn Bread *
Two Step *

Special Guests:
Send good thoughts for LeRoi
* Jeff Coffin
+ Dave, Tim, Carter and Rashawn

bye bye leroi

LEROI MOORE 1961-2008


We are deeply saddened that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. LeRoi had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Things to be excited about...

1. It's Friday

2. Steelers vs. Eagles - TONIGHT 4:30p (PST)
The plan is to head to South on Wilshire after work to yell at the television and drink beers.

3. New Computers - My new Mac Book came in the mail today. I have access again! No more borrowing computers, and trying to sort through my blackberry for emails!

4. And with my new computer, I got the iTouch. I purchased as if I was a student, and took advantage of the promotion Apple was running. Buy a computer, get an iPod Touch. If this sucka had a camera on it, my life would be complete!

5. Knowing there's a super weekend ahead of me.

6. Olympics Start Tonight!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what's next los angeles?

vodka, that's what's next.

in today's edition of daily candy i saw this...

what will those marketing geniuses at absolut think of next?
if you're interested in finding out more, here's the link.

i think i'd be more inclined to purchase the absolut pittsburgh bottle, maybe that's next. (if only i had photoshop i'd create a lovely ad) sheens, get on that for me.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

managing another week...

comic con 2008 righteously kicked my ass!
i've been home sick for most of the week, but hey on the bright side i survived an earthquake. my first since living here in la, it was a 5.8er. and i was home on my couch sick, with a cup of tea watching tivo. there was no other place i would've wanted to be!

anyway, while i'm home sick, this girl is out doing this...

for serious, this girl rocks! i'm glad she's starting to realize it...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con is something else.

Yes, I realize this is how your grandmother would describe it, but its true. Ill have to elaborate more when I'm not so exhausted.

For now I have to concentrate dropping my friend off in the LBC and getting home.

And yes, whether I like it or not I will be going again next year.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Con Continued

Today was and easy day, I had to start early to cover some panels for work, but wrapped early afternoon.

After sleeping the night before with the balcony door open, I now have a sore throat. Doll and I thought it was a good idea at the time.

And sorry Silly Billy but I didn't make it to the live action Carl (for the live action episode of aqua teen hunger force) audition today. I felt like garbage today. This freak fest is wearing me out!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

comic con, my first steps...

After going through the registration for professionals we dove into the comic con convention floor, and it was utterly overwhelming! We've only been walking around for an hour and I was verging on a panic attack 3 or 4 times.

We are currently taking a starbucks break, and I'm sitting down. I need to get over it now. Its gonna be a long day!

*the pix I managed to snap are indeed amazing!
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My first night at Comic Con

I'm sure this will be edited properly at another time when I'm not typing this from the ladies bathroom line at a comic con party, but whatever...here we go...

LA to San Diego, usually, 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. When its it comic con and there's a fatal accident on the major artery from la into sd, it takes 5. Which always makes one uneasy, spending un-needed time in a rental car. Rental cars to me conjure up images of hunter s thompson and his friends buzzing around town, and then I'd be the unlucky bastard to get the car after them. Fortunately for me, I don't htink hunter would ever except a pontiac g6!!

Once in sd, it was unpacking and unwinding at the hotel, which is 3.2 miles away from the convention center! But whatever, I have a room with a huge bed and an even bigger balcony overlooking the harbor!!!

We went to eat at the gaslamp district and the people watching was amazing! I had crab legs, but more importantly a bottle of pino nior! We met up with a co-worker and her friends and went to a comic con provate party. I was anxious to see what it would be like. I've crashed the best nyc and la parties, so I wanted to see how comic fans handled themselves. It was an open bar, and there were 10 dudes to everyone one girl. There was even a wii in the corner. I gelt like a dork for even being there but the line outside told me this was the place to be. Whatevs, I'm going to enjoy the open bar, and this open bathroom stall and just soak it all in......

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

no cavitites...

yes! went for a six month cleaning, and you know i got good news! no cavities for this girl! yesssss! gettin' your teeth did is the worst. i know too, i have experience...like a million years of braces and what not. i mean i've got a killer smile now, straight as can be, but it was a lot of work getting there...

anyway, i'm happy today was an easy one in the chair and just wanted to share.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

kenny's wood is good

man, today we took a trip to kennywood. no special picnic going on, but a group was gathered and we went to kennywood. making the trek to this western pennsylvania amusement park is an annual event for anyone 0-18. all the high schools in the area have a day designated for them, and everyone you know goes on that day. a few companies plan their company picnics there, but really it's the high school kids that make this place a total scene on their allotted day. and back when i was an active participant in this tradition and i would go to visit the park during someone else's "day" i would feel out of place...like "penn hills day" or "italian american day". i just don't fit in on those days, and i mean sure the park is open to the public, but it just doesn't feel right to be there. anyway...today there was no special picnic planned. it's a tuesday before a holiday weekend and there was really no one at the park. it was pretty amazing tearing through the tunderbolt line in no time flat. my head is still spinning though. i can't imagine being turned upside down for another second today or eating something/anything else.

rides rode
jack rabbit (2)
racer (2) - won 1, lost 1
ghostwood estate (2) - this is a new ride, and each buggy is equipped with a laser gun and you shoot ghosts and receive points. loads of fun!
thunderbold (2)
phantoms revenge
exterminator (2)
swing shot - this fucker turns you upside down, i was never really the same after i rode this one.
bumper cars
musik express

garbage eaten
square dipped ice cream cone rolled in nuts with a cherry on top
potato patch fries with cheese, vineager, and salt - amazing
medium diet coke (2) - they don't have lids for the drinks anywhere in the park
1/2 of a funnel cake

it was a really fun time, especially because this was my first time there in four years. i was sure to take a nice long hot shower and drink four glasses of water before attempting to go to bed tonight.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

...On the tarmac...

I'm at that crucial point where you have had your ticket ripped, but you aren't quite in your seat.

You're in the hella weird hallway, right before you get on the plane. Its like a cattle call. All these fucking yinzers are figuring out how to stow their crappy Hollywood souveniers in the overhead compartment. I'm sitting in 22a. I'm sure its hell back there. Can't wait to use the facilities.

PS - I've counted 2 jhorts so far.

PPS - I think the couple behind me is talking about "Jews for Jesus".

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Friday, June 27, 2008

At the bar

...Like I said, I'd be at a bar at LAX blogging. I sat for awhile with a "Kristy" from san francisco. She was delayed for three hours! Ugh!

I'm right on sched. I'm downing a 20oz and a shot. If you are stuck at LAX, the "Home Turf Sports Bar & Grill" runs a special...check it

Yay! They are starting to board my flight to the 'burgh! I gotta down this beer, and bounce!

See all you bitches in da 'burgh!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

getting ready to fly

With my inevitable redeye looming I find myself repeating my checklist of things to pack for my annual 4th of july trek back east. Things like toothbrush, toothpaste, contact case, etc are moot because I stay with my parents and always have a stock of toiletries there. No, my suitcase with me filled with many other necessities for the holiday, such as, bikini, shorts, sandals, superman cape, toga, elvis sunglasses, jumbo safety pins for toga, gold rope (for toga), sequined headband, digital camera, and all the charging equipment for all those little electronics that I can't live without.

I've also got to remember to bring dad's birthday present. Can't forget that. And while I'm at it, have to bring mom's present even though her birthday isn't until august. I can't imagine her waiting to open it. I wouldn't be able to wait nearly 2 months!

I'm flying out friday night, so if you plan to be at LAX and need a drinking buddy hit me up. Ill be the girl sitting alone at the bar blogging via her blackberry.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Indy Recap

So, I've been away from technology thanks to the long Memorial weekend and this has been my first opportunity to blog. I know I promised next day, but I can only do so much!

The much anticipated Indiana Jones flick wasn't a complete let down, but it wasn't a homerun either. Here are my responses when people ask what I thought...

...you have to go see it, it's an Indy movie.
...enjoy the special fx.
...don't go tired.
and last but not least, Ironman is still the best summer blockbuster!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

LOOK OUT INDY!!!! I'm coming for ya!!!

Dudes! I am SOOO excited for this movie! I had made plans to have dinner with a old co-worker almost a month and a half ago not thinking about the release date for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. When we touched base yesterday about our dinner plans, I mentioned maybe we could see the movie together. But that skank ho had promised to take her little cousin on Friday. Boo!

Good thing she let me off the hook for dinner tonight, because now I can fulfill my destiny and see Indy! I've watched all three movies about a kazillion time, just like anyone else who grew up in the '80s. But my favorite Indiana Jones movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark, because of one Karen Allen (aka Marion Ravenwood...which is also the best character name of all time!) Marion Ravenwood is badass! The best is her introduction to the audience in the movie, outdrinking some dude/dudette in a Siberian dive bar, THAT SHE OWNS! That's awesome! She drinks that he/she under the table. THEN kicks ass in a gun fight! I mean, if you're a young girl coming of age and watching this movie how can you not totally look up to her and aspire to grow up to be just like Ms. Ravenwood!? She's the only Indy girl who can throw a decent punch, and obviously due to the fact that she's in this long awaited sequel, she must be Indy's only true love. Yeah Marion! Snag that dude!!! And protect him from snakes!

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have nothing be good things to say about this movie. 8:30pm showing people! I'm so close now!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LA Driving Lesson of the Day

Let me preface with saying I'm a really good driver! I pay
attenetion, I signal, I rarely drive agressively. But something that
really freaks me out while driving here in LA are the papperazzi.
Watch out for these fuckers!

I just encountered this as I was driving to Hollywood along Santa
Monica Blvd. I was at the intersection of La Cienega and of course
caught the light there, because I always do! And this huge dude who
iwas driving the car to my right, parks his car and jumps out. I
thought I was getting car jacked or something! Then he whipped out
this big camera and ran to the car that was teo ahead of me and
started snapping. I never saw who it was because they made it through
the next light and I got caught at it. But they were driving a white
tracker that looked a couple of years old, so I can't image it was
anyone good. But still...don't scare me like that papparazzi! You
don't know what I'm capable of!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 5th of May!

so, i always thought that this mexican independence day and was celebrated throughout the mexican community. but i was way off. thanks to wikipedia i learned that cinco de mayo is the day that the mexican army defeated the french at puebla. unfortunately, this only delayed the french in taking over mexico city a year later. too bad!

mexico doesn't even observe this as a holiday. i guess they don't need another reason to drink. i for one, will be enjoying a nice margarita on the rocks (no salt) and some chips and guac tonight! fo sho!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Coachella, what the hell happened?!

It's a week later and I have finally found the courage to write about it. But only barely.

Here's who I saw:
Friday, April 25
Vampire Weekend (last two songs)
Tegan and Sara
Goldfrapp (barely)
Aesop Rock
Jack Johnson

Saturday, April 26
MGMT (last song)
Kate Nash
Death Cab for Cutie
M.I.A. (***BEST EVER***)
Mark Ronson
Fogging Molly (Surprisingly very good)

Sunday, April 27
Brett Dennen
Grand Ole Party
I'm From Barcelona
Sean Penn - he just stood on stage and talked at us.
Shout Out Louds

...After the Stars we hit the road back to LA. We were so over the heat, dirt, everything. It was early, but we needed to get the eff out of there.
I don't want to go into this anymore, I'm officially over it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There's really nothing I can write about this, you're just going to have to see it for yourself!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Set your site on this...

Dudes, I'm sorry to give you a site to explore on a Friday afternoon, but this one is hilarious! The picture attached to this post in from
Stuff White People Like and it describes white people's #11 favorite thing, Asian Chicks! How great is that!?

All I can say is that I've wasted the last hour scrolling through the site reading articles, and have been lol'ing all over my cubicle. Hello Stuff White People Like, and welcome to Side Ponytale! Let's be friends!

*Thanks to Magi for linking me into this site...

Just so you know...

What is a side ponytail?

po·ny·tail Audio Help /ˈpoʊniˌteɪl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[poh-nee-teyl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
an arrangement of the hair in a long lock drawn tightly against the side of the head and cinched so as to hang loosely.

...it can only be rocked by the finest of bitches. You know who you are...

A side ponytale, though, are the stories, articles, histories, adventures that I'm gonna share for you on this little acre of internet real estate that I'm calling Side Ponytale.

...and now you know!

No, I'm not a spammer...

Granted in the first few days of this blog I wasn't posting, but no blogger.com this site isn't a spam blog. I was blocked from writing new posts for a minute there, but now I'm back up and running again. Or, at least now I can start...


Friday, April 4, 2008


1, 2, 1, 2

Best thing ever!

ma - DONN- ah!