Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cusp of Vacation

what a horrible few weeks i've had. really, really bad. things are looking up though, i ran away from la and escaped to tahoe this past weekend. thanks to magi for being an awesome friend/wingman and coming with me. i would have freaked out if i had to stay in la and rot. salvation came from making the 7-9 hour drive to tahoe from la to see an old friend from pittsburgh, devore.

now, i'm just getting through work for one more day and then heading east on a big metal bird to be with my family in pittsburgh for turkey day! with all the havoc life has been lately, these short breaks from work/la/rat race/life couldn't have come at a better time! and i'm truly grateful, or is it thankful! :)

i know people can't wait to have time off, but i feel like i really, really can't wait! and i can't wait to people watch/get drunk at LAX tomorrow.

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