Thursday, July 31, 2008

managing another week...

comic con 2008 righteously kicked my ass!
i've been home sick for most of the week, but hey on the bright side i survived an earthquake. my first since living here in la, it was a 5.8er. and i was home on my couch sick, with a cup of tea watching tivo. there was no other place i would've wanted to be!

anyway, while i'm home sick, this girl is out doing this...

for serious, this girl rocks! i'm glad she's starting to realize it...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con is something else.

Yes, I realize this is how your grandmother would describe it, but its true. Ill have to elaborate more when I'm not so exhausted.

For now I have to concentrate dropping my friend off in the LBC and getting home.

And yes, whether I like it or not I will be going again next year.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Con Continued

Today was and easy day, I had to start early to cover some panels for work, but wrapped early afternoon.

After sleeping the night before with the balcony door open, I now have a sore throat. Doll and I thought it was a good idea at the time.

And sorry Silly Billy but I didn't make it to the live action Carl (for the live action episode of aqua teen hunger force) audition today. I felt like garbage today. This freak fest is wearing me out!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

comic con, my first steps...

After going through the registration for professionals we dove into the comic con convention floor, and it was utterly overwhelming! We've only been walking around for an hour and I was verging on a panic attack 3 or 4 times.

We are currently taking a starbucks break, and I'm sitting down. I need to get over it now. Its gonna be a long day!

*the pix I managed to snap are indeed amazing!
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My first night at Comic Con

I'm sure this will be edited properly at another time when I'm not typing this from the ladies bathroom line at a comic con party, but we go...

LA to San Diego, usually, 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. When its it comic con and there's a fatal accident on the major artery from la into sd, it takes 5. Which always makes one uneasy, spending un-needed time in a rental car. Rental cars to me conjure up images of hunter s thompson and his friends buzzing around town, and then I'd be the unlucky bastard to get the car after them. Fortunately for me, I don't htink hunter would ever except a pontiac g6!!

Once in sd, it was unpacking and unwinding at the hotel, which is 3.2 miles away from the convention center! But whatever, I have a room with a huge bed and an even bigger balcony overlooking the harbor!!!

We went to eat at the gaslamp district and the people watching was amazing! I had crab legs, but more importantly a bottle of pino nior! We met up with a co-worker and her friends and went to a comic con provate party. I was anxious to see what it would be like. I've crashed the best nyc and la parties, so I wanted to see how comic fans handled themselves. It was an open bar, and there were 10 dudes to everyone one girl. There was even a wii in the corner. I gelt like a dork for even being there but the line outside told me this was the place to be. Whatevs, I'm going to enjoy the open bar, and this open bathroom stall and just soak it all in......

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

no cavitites...

yes! went for a six month cleaning, and you know i got good news! no cavities for this girl! yesssss! gettin' your teeth did is the worst. i know too, i have a million years of braces and what not. i mean i've got a killer smile now, straight as can be, but it was a lot of work getting there...

anyway, i'm happy today was an easy one in the chair and just wanted to share.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

kenny's wood is good

man, today we took a trip to kennywood. no special picnic going on, but a group was gathered and we went to kennywood. making the trek to this western pennsylvania amusement park is an annual event for anyone 0-18. all the high schools in the area have a day designated for them, and everyone you know goes on that day. a few companies plan their company picnics there, but really it's the high school kids that make this place a total scene on their allotted day. and back when i was an active participant in this tradition and i would go to visit the park during someone else's "day" i would feel out of "penn hills day" or "italian american day". i just don't fit in on those days, and i mean sure the park is open to the public, but it just doesn't feel right to be there. there was no special picnic planned. it's a tuesday before a holiday weekend and there was really no one at the park. it was pretty amazing tearing through the tunderbolt line in no time flat. my head is still spinning though. i can't imagine being turned upside down for another second today or eating something/anything else.

rides rode
jack rabbit (2)
racer (2) - won 1, lost 1
ghostwood estate (2) - this is a new ride, and each buggy is equipped with a laser gun and you shoot ghosts and receive points. loads of fun!
thunderbold (2)
phantoms revenge
exterminator (2)
swing shot - this fucker turns you upside down, i was never really the same after i rode this one.
bumper cars
musik express

garbage eaten
square dipped ice cream cone rolled in nuts with a cherry on top
potato patch fries with cheese, vineager, and salt - amazing
medium diet coke (2) - they don't have lids for the drinks anywhere in the park
1/2 of a funnel cake

it was a really fun time, especially because this was my first time there in four years. i was sure to take a nice long hot shower and drink four glasses of water before attempting to go to bed tonight.