Tuesday, July 1, 2008

kenny's wood is good

man, today we took a trip to kennywood. no special picnic going on, but a group was gathered and we went to kennywood. making the trek to this western pennsylvania amusement park is an annual event for anyone 0-18. all the high schools in the area have a day designated for them, and everyone you know goes on that day. a few companies plan their company picnics there, but really it's the high school kids that make this place a total scene on their allotted day. and back when i was an active participant in this tradition and i would go to visit the park during someone else's "day" i would feel out of place...like "penn hills day" or "italian american day". i just don't fit in on those days, and i mean sure the park is open to the public, but it just doesn't feel right to be there. anyway...today there was no special picnic planned. it's a tuesday before a holiday weekend and there was really no one at the park. it was pretty amazing tearing through the tunderbolt line in no time flat. my head is still spinning though. i can't imagine being turned upside down for another second today or eating something/anything else.

rides rode
jack rabbit (2)
racer (2) - won 1, lost 1
ghostwood estate (2) - this is a new ride, and each buggy is equipped with a laser gun and you shoot ghosts and receive points. loads of fun!
thunderbold (2)
phantoms revenge
exterminator (2)
swing shot - this fucker turns you upside down, i was never really the same after i rode this one.
bumper cars
musik express

garbage eaten
square dipped ice cream cone rolled in nuts with a cherry on top
potato patch fries with cheese, vineager, and salt - amazing
medium diet coke (2) - they don't have lids for the drinks anywhere in the park
1/2 of a funnel cake

it was a really fun time, especially because this was my first time there in four years. i was sure to take a nice long hot shower and drink four glasses of water before attempting to go to bed tonight.

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