Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coraline's Sweater

I was cruising through Entertainment Weekly this morning, the one with the Watchmen guys on the cover, when I saw the Style Hunter section. Apparently people are asking where they can find the sweater that Coraline wears, the one covered in stars. I was surprised to learn that someone actually knitted the one she wears in the movie. Althea Crome is a micro-knitter, and the piece is only three inches tall! So hard to believe, I'm a knitter and there's no way that I'm going to make anything that detailed and small...EVER!

Anyway, EW has a link for all of you knitters out there that want to make your very own Coraline sweater! I'm not sure if I will tackle this one, but did want to pass this on...

(I also printed the pattern, so if the link is down let me know and I'll send you a copy.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

elevation was not my friend

oh my, mammoth really put the hurting on me this weekend. i've been in the high altitude before and never had this rough of a time with it. my sinuses helped in the kicking of my ass. the pressure on my head was extreme. i had puffy eyes and all, and that eye twitch thing in both eyes pretty much the whole weekend. i'm still experiencing that, but just about 15 minutes every hour or so. i had a bloody nose every night too. to keep this from getting too negative, i want you all to know that i still went out there and hit the bars and slopes with the girls i went up with. the second day of snowboarding was way harder, what with all my ailments and all. it was really hard keeping myself together on the drive home. i was pretty much a ball of mush and slept the whole way, it was the only thing i could do. i just hope all of these aches are just sore/tiredness and not the flu, then i'd be really mad!

i'm going on the couch now to forget all my troubles...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here's Magi trying on all her gear before we head up to Mammoth! She looks ready for the cold!

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whoa, it's been since 2008!

i have no excuses, i'm just a busy girl...
since the new year, i've gotten really, REALLY into making lists.
for the girl on the go it's a must!

i'm so looking forward to this weekend! me and the girls are going to mammoth for some skiing/snowboarding, and i can't wait! i'm pretty sure i'm not going to get any sleep tonight. so, to prep for the trip, here's my list of things to do...

*bake a lasagna
*go to rei and get the odds and ends i need. (i think i might finally break down and buy a platypus water pack.)
*grocery shop for the weekend
*charge up the flip video camera & other electronics - there's going to be a lot of moments to catch on that little video i'm sure
*pack up all the snow gear
*pack a small bag of everything else i'll need (space in the car is limited with five girls)
*finish doing my laundry
*try to make it a full day here in the office, i'm probably going to cut out early.

we are all soooo excited, it's like the last day before a long break or something! having to work with rainbow (one of the girls going) has been even more difficult...all we have talked about this week is the details of this trip!

...oh yeah, i have to remember my bathing suit too for the hot tub!

i hope i don't break myself too much!