Thursday, February 19, 2009

whoa, it's been since 2008!

i have no excuses, i'm just a busy girl...
since the new year, i've gotten really, REALLY into making lists.
for the girl on the go it's a must!

i'm so looking forward to this weekend! me and the girls are going to mammoth for some skiing/snowboarding, and i can't wait! i'm pretty sure i'm not going to get any sleep tonight. so, to prep for the trip, here's my list of things to do...

*bake a lasagna
*go to rei and get the odds and ends i need. (i think i might finally break down and buy a platypus water pack.)
*grocery shop for the weekend
*charge up the flip video camera & other electronics - there's going to be a lot of moments to catch on that little video i'm sure
*pack up all the snow gear
*pack a small bag of everything else i'll need (space in the car is limited with five girls)
*finish doing my laundry
*try to make it a full day here in the office, i'm probably going to cut out early.

we are all soooo excited, it's like the last day before a long break or something! having to work with rainbow (one of the girls going) has been even more difficult...all we have talked about this week is the details of this trip!

...oh yeah, i have to remember my bathing suit too for the hot tub!

i hope i don't break myself too much!

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