Monday, February 23, 2009

elevation was not my friend

oh my, mammoth really put the hurting on me this weekend. i've been in the high altitude before and never had this rough of a time with it. my sinuses helped in the kicking of my ass. the pressure on my head was extreme. i had puffy eyes and all, and that eye twitch thing in both eyes pretty much the whole weekend. i'm still experiencing that, but just about 15 minutes every hour or so. i had a bloody nose every night too. to keep this from getting too negative, i want you all to know that i still went out there and hit the bars and slopes with the girls i went up with. the second day of snowboarding was way harder, what with all my ailments and all. it was really hard keeping myself together on the drive home. i was pretty much a ball of mush and slept the whole way, it was the only thing i could do. i just hope all of these aches are just sore/tiredness and not the flu, then i'd be really mad!

i'm going on the couch now to forget all my troubles...

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