Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I went to Jack Johnson, and all I took were these lousy pictures...

So, Magi and I have been DYING to see Jack Johnson since we moved from NYC to LA. It was one of the last concerts we tried to see in New York together before we left. He was playing in Central Park, and we thought that we'd wander on up to the gate and be granted access in. We, of course, we not allowed in without tickets. We didn't even have pieces of paper to pretend were tickets, but what we did have was a bottle of wine, blanket, and loads of snacks to nosh on while we listened to Jack on the other side of the fence. We did manage to see pieces of the show through the fence that night. We shook it off thinking that he'd tour again next summer. SYKE! He didn't tour again for 3 years! Thanks "Sleep Through The Static" for getting this dude away from the surf to come around the globe entertaining us ladies. Anyway, here are the pictures I shot. They suck. I did have my Flip video camera as well, I'll get those posted all in due time.

The show was amazing (i'll find a set list to post here) it was at the UCLA Intramural Field, which I was skeptical about, but in the end turned out to be really cool. I hope they do more stuff there. Jack's show on Sunday, August 31st was the last stop on his summer tour and he tore it up! There was a big ol'Hawaiian lady that came out and sang with him. Culver City Dub Collective and Rogue Wave were there too to open. I can't put into words how disappointed I was in seeing Rogue Wave live. I have enjoyed their myspace page from time to time while wasting away time at work, so I was looking forward to seeing them live...I guess I can be marked as a sucka now.

The last picture was the slow trickle of people leaving the show. They looked like sheep, and I said to Magi after snapping that show that, "It looks a lot cooler in real life". Did I mention we had a phenomenal time!?

See you in another three years Jack!

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