Friday, August 29, 2008

1/2 day: working hard, or hardly working

i'm staring at the little clock on the bottom right of my screen (yes, i'm tortured by a pc while at work) right now. at this little company i'm working at right now, it is customary that we receive a half day prior to a company holiday. and since monday is labor day, that means today is a half day, woot woot!

i'm currently doing what i can to "go through the motions". we spent the first part of the morning watching fox news and the announcement john mccain made about his new vp, sarah palin. can you believe their entrance music?! his was "right now" by van halen, and hers was the song from rudy, and i'm not kidding. i can't wait for snl to come back on the air september 13th (michael phelps is announced to host the season opener). look at that, i'm getting distracted with my distraction! truly amazing!

anyway, from there i segwayed into a eyebrow wax appointment down the street and around the corner, which when you live in la is like a 20 minute walk. i've done work for the last hour and a half, but now that we are down to just 32 minutes, all i can do is stare off into space and watch the youtube videos that my co-workers are sending my way. for some reason, i don't think i'm the only one putting on the appearance of work.

the plan for when i'm released is this. grabbing a sandwich at bay cities deli in santa monica and then going for a sweet bike ride, and then hopefully a nap! taking it easy is fun! remember that kids!

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