Wednesday, August 27, 2008

gosh, another chapter!

so, it's been a sad week. my roommate left, she moved back to Texas, of all places! it was quite a sad departure, but i'm one who is use to watching people leave town being that i live in los angeles. probably the worst transiant city ever. if you move here and actually stay for more than five years, i'd say you are a miniscule portion of the population. or maybe it's just me. everyone i meet here leaves. m and i counted as we watched my newly old roommate drive off down the street; we have seen at least 8 people move out of la since we moved here, almost three years now. wtf.

anyway it's super sad, especially, ESPECIALLY because i HATE good-byes. i am the worst at it, and it has not gotten better with age. i hate seeing people leave my life, or me leave theirs. anyway, i'm going to miss her. and we'll remain, i'm sure, they way we always been...friends.

no time to be sad though, new roommate moved in last night. so, it's time to bring in the new. a "changing of the guard" as an attentive neighbor put it last night. indeed, changing of the guard. let's see how it goes...stay tuned kids!

*not my picture, i'm borrowing it from flickr.

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