Friday, September 12, 2008

what's worse?

my friend julie roo's the day when she sees rain, and she currently resides in the outskirts of pittsburgh, pa where puddles are rarely out of style. apparently today, it's raining quite a bit in the 'burgh. you can read all about it on her site, here.

although i didn't need julie's blog to tell me that it was raining in pittsburgh
today. on my daily commute into work, i'm often found on the phone with one or both of my parents, where at least 20 minutes of the conversation is about the weather. and since i live in los angeles, i rarely dominate that portion of the phone call. the most i say is "it's 75 right now", remember this conversation is taking place at 8:45am. so, as you can imagine today, both parents had A LOT to talk about. my mother kept saying "it's raining cats and dogs" and my dad said it was because of some hurricane. this is how out of touch i am with the rest of the country, i responded, "what hurricane?" well, you can bet that as soon as i got to work, he had me turn on cnn, and very quickly both my father and i were watching the coverage from opposite ends of the country discussing the red jackets the reporters were wearing to the plastic bags that were covering their hand held microphones, we even made our guesses as to when hurricane ike was going to hit. (i said it's slowing down, and will hit tomorrow morning. he said late this evening.) and please keep in mind that my only brother, his only son, is flying to la this evening over the very storm. although i'm sure with advances in astrophysics the pilot will just take a more northern flight pattern to get to la. (brother, if you're reading this, i'm sure you won't feel a single bump:))

but with everyone up in arms about the rain they are experiencing in pittsburgh, i have to note that today, here in los angeles that it is so dark and dreary that i would kill to see a rain drop fall. the view out of my cubicle today is just so overcast and gross, that it's like we just need a good storm here to wash away all the dirt, grime, and pollution. with the experience of living here for almost three years, i know that this *storm won't come for at least another two months. and that, my friend, is the worst part. living with this dark, dreary landscape, waiting for rain. at least in pittsburgh, it gets dark, it rains, and then it dries...(well kind of) all in the same day. here, it'll probably stay gross the whole week brother is here, and probably for the rest of september. then, maybe, in november we'll experience a "wet" season.

so, i ask, which is worse? using those cute rainboats you bought, or never getting to. :)

*a storm in la - rain falling for more than five minutes

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Julie_Gong said...

i saw 2 accidents on the way to work. freaking rain!! trying to kill me