Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He's coming!

now that steeler season is in full swing, and we are looking swell after week 1. i can shift my energy elsewhere. my little brother is coming to sunny socal for a visit! he flies in direct from pittsburgh on friday night and is going to be here until the 21st! yippeee! we are going to have an awesome time!

here's the to do list:
*tailgate at the USC vs. OS game. we do not have tickets, we are just going to tailgate the shit out of that parking lot. it is my experience that those on the west coast have no idea how a proper football tailgate works. we'll show 'em!
*watch the steelers destroy the browns on their own field.
*i set brother and his girlfriend up with audience seats for the live performance show of "america's got talent". last show i sent him to was "american gladiators", and he hated* it. i had to assume him that "america's got talent" is no "gladitors".
*camping at malibu creek state park.
*turtle racing (if there's time)

that's a pretty good list right!
i can't wait to see him!

*he hated being in the audience for "gladiators" because the arena is huge and the audience sits there while they set up for one shot then another. it's like a 12 hour day for that audience. he ran away after 4 hours of sitting there, i don't blame him.

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