Friday, May 2, 2008

Coachella, what the hell happened?!

It's a week later and I have finally found the courage to write about it. But only barely.

Here's who I saw:
Friday, April 25
Vampire Weekend (last two songs)
Tegan and Sara
Goldfrapp (barely)
Aesop Rock
Jack Johnson

Saturday, April 26
MGMT (last song)
Kate Nash
Death Cab for Cutie
M.I.A. (***BEST EVER***)
Mark Ronson
Fogging Molly (Surprisingly very good)

Sunday, April 27
Brett Dennen
Grand Ole Party
I'm From Barcelona
Sean Penn - he just stood on stage and talked at us.
Shout Out Louds

...After the Stars we hit the road back to LA. We were so over the heat, dirt, everything. It was early, but we needed to get the eff out of there.
I don't want to go into this anymore, I'm officially over it.

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