Thursday, May 22, 2008

LOOK OUT INDY!!!! I'm coming for ya!!!

Dudes! I am SOOO excited for this movie! I had made plans to have dinner with a old co-worker almost a month and a half ago not thinking about the release date for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. When we touched base yesterday about our dinner plans, I mentioned maybe we could see the movie together. But that skank ho had promised to take her little cousin on Friday. Boo!

Good thing she let me off the hook for dinner tonight, because now I can fulfill my destiny and see Indy! I've watched all three movies about a kazillion time, just like anyone else who grew up in the '80s. But my favorite Indiana Jones movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark, because of one Karen Allen (aka Marion Ravenwood...which is also the best character name of all time!) Marion Ravenwood is badass! The best is her introduction to the audience in the movie, outdrinking some dude/dudette in a Siberian dive bar, THAT SHE OWNS! That's awesome! She drinks that he/she under the table. THEN kicks ass in a gun fight! I mean, if you're a young girl coming of age and watching this movie how can you not totally look up to her and aspire to grow up to be just like Ms. Ravenwood!? She's the only Indy girl who can throw a decent punch, and obviously due to the fact that she's in this long awaited sequel, she must be Indy's only true love. Yeah Marion! Snag that dude!!! And protect him from snakes!

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have nothing be good things to say about this movie. 8:30pm showing people! I'm so close now!!!! :)

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