Friday, October 3, 2008

how do i know if i'm registered to vote?

seriously people! if you had to ask that question, you should do about 2 seconds of research on the web to find the answer, like i had to do. in the past year i registered three times, 1. when i got my cali state drivers license 2. when i was at coachella 3. when i was at the jack johnson concert. but i haven't received anything to my address in terms of voting materials so i was getting a bit worried and did some detective work today. HERE'S THE LINK. you have to scroll a little bit down the page, and you type in your zip code. from there you'll find out what county office number you should call.

if you know that you need to register to vote, you can do so HERE or HERE. and it's really, really, REALLY important that you do so. like, okay guys!? just do it!

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