Friday, October 31, 2008

who does that?

for valentine's day 2008 i bought my man friend a beta fighting fish and a tank, both were red. we named the fish, andrew. i wasn't optimistic about this fish living too long, he was studying for the california bar exam, and overall is sort of into himself. but he did it, he took care of it for eight long months. at the end of august he moved the tank to the kitchen, i got a lot less face time with andrew after that. i mean my time spent in the bedroom is way greater than my time in the kitchen.

we went to whole foods on monday to grab some dinner so that we could get home to his projection screen to watch the monday night football game in comfort and style. we got everything out of the boxes and on plates and settled. and it occured to me. i didn't see the red tank in the kitchen. so over my spinach lasagna i ask, where's andrew?

apparently, a couple weeks ago he was cleaning out the tank and let andrew swim down the drain! i was mortified! then instead of telling me, because he felt so bad and ashamed. he packed up the red tank in a brown shopping bag, went into a fish/pet store and left the tank in the store and left! i have no idea what to make of any of this! who does that?!!?!

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